Whats So Special

About Us


At Ellsworth Entertainment Group, our core values include a strong belief in and indubitable  support for our artists. With a strong belief in our artists, our company’s foundation is built by and supported by our artists. Our objective is to build a supportive foundation for artists to flourish. As we build our foundation, we also build a family.

Our uniqueness as a company stems from our spectrum of services. We support our artists through key strategies of artist development including branding, public relations, marketing, social media campaigning, recordings, concert promotions and bookings management. We are passionate about developing our artists. Artist development is a process that has been forgotten in the contemporary music industry. Our objective – to build up, guide and support artists throughout their career. Our services reflect our artists needs. We work with established artists and artists in need of development. Our management division, creative director and marketing coordinator work together to support our artists.

Every artist is different, and their requirements vary. We work with artists to determine their level of service. Despite our flexibility there is one thing that is inflexible, and that is, at EllsworthEntertainment Group, We Represent What We Believe In.